5 Reasons Firebrand is the Fuel of Choice by BBQ Enthusiasts

Whatever the season, there’s always an excuse for an awesome backyard BBQ. And when it’s time to fire up your grill, nothing beats fuel by Firebrand. Not only is it the leading charcoal fuel used in the hospitality industry in Australia, but it’s also the top choice of restaurants, chefs and BBQ enthusiasts alike.

But don’t just take it from us – take it from some of the best restaurants in the country and our regular clients. They reveal why Firebrand fuel, from charcoal to ironbark, is their choice for BBQ newbies and masters.

Consistent quality and heat make our fuel efficient.

Over at Bistecca, one of Sydney’s best steak restaurants, Firebrand’s range of professional charcoal and the Vintage Ironbark have been staples for over 3 years now. Their head chef, Namit Toppo, reveals that Firebrand is their fuel of choice because of its consistent quality. 

“The ironbark gives a neutral smoke best for the bistecca. We use a good mix of ironbark and professional charcoal because ironbark has that flavour, but professional charcoal lasts long, so it gives that consistent heat. As we’re grilling around 100 to 120 steaks a day, we need the fire to be consistent so we can have a consistent product. That’s what Firebrand helps us with,” Toppo says.

Compared to other fuels on the market, which tend to lose heat and reduce to ash very quickly, our Professional Hardwood Lump Charcoal and Professional Briquette BBQ Charcoal can maintain heat up to 400° Celsius. The briquettes last up to 5 hours in an open grilling application and up to 10 hours in a low ‘n slow smoking set up. The lump charcoal lasts up to 3 hours on an open grill and 6 hours in a smoker set up. This means you can achieve a more even cook without having to top up fuel to finish your grilling, making Firebrand a cost efficient option.

High quality fuel means a cleaner burn and better cooking experience.

Whether you’re busting out the grill for friends and family or cooking up a storm for your business, Firebrand’s range of fuel has you covered. Khaled, one of our loyal clients using our Professional Hardwood Lump Charcoal for over 10 years, shares that you can’t beat the quality of Firebrand fuel. 

“The hardwood lump charcoal is what I’ve been using because they’re reliable and you get a good smoke and good flavour out of them,” he says. Because he grills at least once a week, it’s a must for him to grab the 20kg bag and some Firebrand Shisha every time he visits the Firebrand HQ at Sydney’s BBQ Mecca.

Produced from super dense, single origin citrus hardwood, the Firebrand Professional Lump Charcoal provides authentic charcoal flavour and a clean and pure burn every time. It’s an all rounder fuel ideal for all open cooking applications, from grills to rotisseries to offset smokers. Cook for longer over a consistent heat source and experience the incredible taste that it imparts to your food. 

Cook more in less time.

For entrepreneurs like B-Boy, owner of B-Boy’s BBQ in Melbourne, Firebrand’s Professional Briquette BBQ Charcoal is the go to for fast cooks,  mainly because he is very particular with quality. “I like briquettes because it [gets] hotter faster. Because I need to make more barbecues in less time, and I need to pump more cooked meat as much as possible,” he explains, adding that he’s been a loyal user of Firebrand for 3 years now. 

Firebrand briquettes, with their unique hex design, are made from 100% hardwood sawdust with zero binding agents and chemical additives. This allows for a long-lasting and fierce burn with extreme heat, making them ideal for grilling, smoking and rotisserie cooking. Our premium and professional charcoals are guaranteed to outperform other fuels in the market – we’re sure you won’t find anything else that burns hotter and longer!

If you’re looking to quicken the lighting process, many expert grillers are keen on combining our briquette and lumps. First, put a layer of lump charcoal in the base of your chimney starter, then stack the hex briquettes upright on top. The lump charcoal, which is less dense and lights quicker than briquettes, acts like an accelerant to help burn the briquettes quicker. Not only will you have fuel for longer, but the lump charcoal will impart a delightful smokey flavour to your food without overpowering the rubs and spices.

The ironbark and charcoal combination is unbeatable.

Neil Nolan, Executive Chef of Pony Dining reveals that their preferred fuel are the Firebrand Vintage QLD Ironbark and professional charcoal. “Using the charcoal and the ironbark work really well together because the charcoals really hold the embers of the ironbark. You’re not touching it, not adding to it or taking from it, so you get a really consistent fire,” the chef shares.

“Ironbark is really my preference because of the flavour you get,” Nolan adds. Firebrand’s vintage Ironbark provides an authentic yet robust smoke profile, giving you that true smokehouse aroma that pairs well with any protein or veggie. When using an offset smoker, it can even impart delicious flavours to your meat during low ‘n’ slow smoking sessions. 

It’s also conveniently double split, which means you won’t have to worry about chopping pieces to the right size to fit your grill. Each Firebrand ironbark is ethically sourced and organically seasoned in its natural habitat, ensuring the wood is dried properly and retains its dense quality for a cleaner and longer burn.

There’s a type of fuel for every cook.

When we ask our customers for their favourite fuel type, many answer that it will depend on what they’re cooking. That’s the beauty of Firebrand – there’s a type of fuel for every cook!

Customers prefer the briquettes for slow cooks because they last longer. With their extreme heat output, they can burn for up to 5 hours on an open grilling set up and 10 hours for smoking. They don’t influence the flavour of the food being cooked, and their uniform size allows for greater control and optimised airflow. They’re less expensive, too!

On the other hand, lump charcoal is easier to start up making it ideal for hot and fast grilling cook-ups. It performs well in open grilling, perfect for searing meats and will add a subtle smokiness and an incredible taste to anything you cook. 

If you prefer grilling over wood, the vintage Ironbark suits most applications and can fit offset smokers, pizza ovens, open grills and fire pits. Use our wood for that traditional, smokey flavour on your proteins and vegetables. If you want to elevate your cooks, Firebrand also offers Smoking Woods in chips, chunks and logs with various flavour profiles like cherry, mesquite, hickory and apple! 

Whatever your preference, Firebrand has something for you. Whether you’re a newbie, BBQ enthusiast or expert griller, we’re here to let you experience that authentic charcoal flavour in the comfort of your home.

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