Charcoal Starter


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    • CHARCOAL COMPANION Full Size Basting Squeeze Bottle and Silicone Brush with Nozzle Cap 400ml, 19.95

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    • CHARCOAL COMPANION Full Wooden Handle Basting Brush JUMBO with Removable Silicone Head 38cm, 14.95

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      CHARCOAL COMPANION Gloves BBQ Ultimate Pit Mitt Comfortable and Fire Resistant, 24.95

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    • The Flaming Coals Electric Charcoal Starter Wand is an effortless way to light charcoal, briquettes, wood chips, chunks or pellets. Two settings take your charcoal from cold to burning in a matter of minutes. The heat setting ignites the wood/charcoal, while the fan settings distributes the flames to unlit wood/charcoal. The heat-resistant handle also has a built-in kickstand [...]
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    • Firebrand Fire`IT’ Up Charcoal Starter

      • Heavy Duty, Strong and Durable Construction for Longevity
      • Extra Air Vents for Optimum Air Flow
      • Easy Grip Handle
      • Extra Wire Fold Down Handle for Easy Tipping
      • Makes Starting your Charcoal a Breeze
      • Lights up Evenly in Half the Time
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