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    • Take advantage of this fantastic ‘Bulk Buy’ Charcoal Promo

      Grab 6 x 3kg Firebrand ‘Picnic Pack” BBQ Charcoal for only $42.00.  That’s 18kg of Charcoal to fuel those backyard barbies. That’s a CRAZY saving of $17.70 on this amazing deal.

      No need to go out for any more charcoal. Stock up with this great deal available ONLINE ONLY.

      ‘BULK BUY’ 3kg Firebrand BBQ Briquette Charcoal

      • 6 x 3kg Firebrand BBQ Briquette Charcoal
      • Guaranteed Quality and Consistency for every BBQ
      • Perfect for Camping , Picnics or Single Use
      • High Heat – Long Lasting – Very Low Ash
      • No Smoke – No Sparks – No Odour
      • Clean Packaging – Easy to Store
      • Perfect For All Charcoal Based Applications, i.e…Open Grilling,  Rotisseries, Low and Slow… etc
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    • Sale

      Firebrand Firelighters ‘BULK BUY’ 24 Packets

      • Normally $3.95 per Packet
      • Equates to $2.48 per Packet
      • 24 Individual Pop Out Cubes in each Packet
      • Foil Sealed for Your Safety
      • Easy Lighting – Long Lasting – No Odour
      $94.80 $55.00
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    • Featured
      24 Individual Firelighters

      It’s time to ‘Fire Up Some Firebrand®”

      Have you tried our world famous Firebrand Briquette Charcoal yet? Grab one of our  handy 3kg portable picnic packs and enjoy the long lasting effect  in the comfort of your backyard or throw it in your car boot for your next camping trip.

      Firebrand Premium A Grade Briquette Charcoal

      • 6 x 3KG Picnic Packs (18kg in total)
      • Perfect for Camping , Picnics single use
      • Perfect For All Charcoal Based Applications
      • 2 x High Quality Firebrand Firelighters – Foiled Sealed Individual Pop Out Cubes.
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    • Firebrand Rotisserie A Grade Briquette Charcoal 10kg

      • 100% Natural BBQ Charcoal
      • No Smoke – No Sparks – No Odour
      • High Heat – Long Loasting – Very Low Ash
      • Between 5 – 15cm Length Pieces
      • 10KG Heavy Duty Packaging
      • Clean Carton Box Easy to Store
      • Double Bundle Strapping with Inner Lining Plastic
      • Perfect For Rotisseries or Open Spit Roasts
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