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      Experience that charcoal flavour for yourself with our new hardwood charcoal range. Make no mistake, this is competition grade hardwood charcoal. Finally, a high performance product that is extremely versatile and is perfect for all those low'n'slow sessions or rotisserie and open grilling applications as well.   100 Natural from Single Origin Hardwood BBQ Competition [...]
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      It’s time to BBQ with confidence! Introducing one of the most versatile BBQ fuel products in Australia. Firebrand Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal is an all natural wood charcoal that you can use in your grill, rotisserie, smoker, kamado or pizza oven. A high quality and heavy duty lump charcoal made from a single origin species of hardwood. It lights super quick and will hold a consistent temperature for a longer period than most wood charcoal products. Used and endorsed by both competition BBQ teams and renowned chefs country-wide. Take your BBQ game to the next level and #fireupsomefirebrand.

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      Our ‘Professional Grade’ Briquette BBQ Charcoal is a new addition to the Firebrand Briquette range, this product has fierce burning character with very high heat output. Australia is only the 3rd country to experience the effect of Firebrand Professional Briquette BBQ Charcoal with Japan and Korea being the only other 2 markets. A proven product which has been used by the best in the professional sector. Now available online and to the public for the first time.

    • Our flagship product and the first ever introduced into the Australia market back in 2006. This product is manufactured to the highest quality using a signature composition blend of 100% hardwood that is unique to Firebrand. Put simply, nothing compares to the performance and character of this world class briquette charcoal.