SMALL AXE PEPPERS The Bronx Green Hot Sauce 140g


The Bronx Green Hot Sauce is made using 6 all natural ingredients, grown in New York. It is a Small Axe Pepper signature sauce and a best-seller.

The sweet yet bitter bite of the apple cider vinegar is masterfully balanced by the garlic-forward base and fiery spice from the locally sourced Serrano peppers.

A true explosion of flavor, harmoniously fusing to pleasure your palate. Texturally, it brings the chunky consistency of a salsa verde, making it the perfect way to spice up anything.

Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce is made with peppers purchased from community gardens in cities across America. Each bottle of hot sauce directly supports the gardens and gardeners that grow peppers for this hot sauce.

Glass Bottle: 140g

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