Smokey Joes STRAMI Rub 180gr


Smokey Joe’s Pastrami style rub has all the traditional flavours from freshly cracked pepper, coriander & mustard seeds, blended with subtle spices along with onion & garlic to create a flavour sensation, based on a New York style pastrami seasoning.

It has a robust peppery flavor and bite that is cooled down with notes of citrus, garlic and onion.

This seasoning is so versatile you can use it on any cut, from brisket to a rib eye, the rub really does enhance the flavour of any meat, well suited to venison.

Whether you like it spicy, savoury or sour Smokey Joe’s has you covered. Small batch, hand blended right here in Perth, WA by passionate duo Joe and Angie Camilleri.

180gr / 250ml Shaker

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