Who We Are

We know charcoal and love BBQ. 

Firebrand® was born in 1995 out of a lifelong passion for charcoal and BBQ!

Firebrand Australia is proudly 100% Australian family owned and operated and is the leading charcoal wholesaler, supplier and retailer in the country. Specializing in the manufacturing of our own signature Briquette Charcoal and Premium Natural Hardwood Charcoal, we have built our reputation on consistent and quality product.

With the pioneering of Firebrand® Briquette Charcoal in Australia in 2006 under Firebrand Australia (formerly TSM Pacific International), our products have set a new benchmark in the hospitality industry. Firebrand® has become the most highly regarded and preferred choice of brand used in establishments across Australia.

Our Commitment to You

We are now bringing this experience to your door along with a new range of BBQ grills and accessories to complement our charcoal lines. Along with expert advice, recipes, tips and tricks, you too can now experience that authentic charcoal flavour in the comfort of your own home.

When shopping with us, rest assured that you are dealing with BBQ lovers that know what they are talking about. Shop with confidence and feel free to get in contact.

Are you ready to ‘Fire Up Some Firebrand®’?

Brief History

Drawing on our passion for the BBQ, TSM Pacific set out to combine a 90 year methodology of Briquette Charcoal with raw research. An ambitious project that would eventually change the face of BBQ Charcoal. The array of possibilities and combinations seemed endless, however the nature of the beast is what kept pushing experimentation to new levels. A complex process which combined traditional Japanese and Korean techniques with innovative technology. One, when powered by sheer determination, took almost 8 years to perfect. The result, TSM Pacific had created a 'secret recipe' composition blend of raw material. Combined with pure manufacturing brilliance, the persistence had paid off. Firebrand® was born.
In the Beginning
1995 - Firebrand® is Born
It was time for TSM Pacific to introduce Firebrand® to the people. This was an initiative that was established along with the support of the Turkish Government. Seen as the first completely 'Enviro Friendly' BBQ Charcoal, Firebrand® was first distributed in Turkey through Istanbul followed by all the other major cities. The domestic market and the restaurant sector is where the emphasis was placed. The reaction was immediate and the market response was pleasing. The two biggest positives along with its burning longevity, was its sustained high calorific value and its ability to burn efficiently. Producing no smoke, no odour and no sparks, Firebrand© began turning heads in the Industry.
Testing the Waters
2004 - Breath of Fresh Air
Within 12 months of full production, Firebrand proved a lot of people in the industry wrong. It did this in one significant way. That, yes, BBQ Charcoal could be manufactured with such precision that finally the words ‘consistency’ and ‘Charcoal’ could be used in the same sentence. Something that the industry had never witnessed and manufacturers had never been capable of. Firebrand© showed that it was a product that people could trust.
Great Potential
2005 - Proving Many Wrong
TSM Pacific had begun to export its Flagship product. Australia, Greece, Cyprus and Azerbaijan were the first to experience Firebrand©. This was shortly followed by new markets in Japan, Korea and most of South-East Asia had also been covered. It wasn’t long before it became evident that Firebrand© was making inroads in a variety of markets. Its advantages not only suited the diverse range of applications different cultures have, but also began educating the market on the concept that is Briquette Charcoal. Many did not know or had never witnessed a product of this nature. TSM Pacific always took the essential precautions in every nation in protecting its brand. Firebrand© BBQ Charcoal was officially trademarked, protecting it against any imitations.
Making Inroads
2006 - 2008 - Expansion
It was official. Firebrand® had become the number one Briquette Charcoal in Europe. Manufacturing was in full swing and all global markets were moving along nicely. It was time to expand into other untapped markets and unveil what marvels Firebrand© had to offer. The MEP (Middle-eastern project) had been in the pipeline for a couple of years and was simply a matter of timing. Firebrand© had now become available in the UAE, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Qatar and Jordan. The Middle-East was now witness to the premier BBQ Charcoal on the global market. They embraced it with open arms.
Stamping its Authority
2009 - 2010 - Here to Stay
Firebrand© has truly stamped its authority on the global Charcoal scene. Strong markets have sinced developed in the United Kingdom, USA, Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, Holland and India. Firebrand© is currently distributed in over 60 countries in 6 continents across the globe. It has officially become the number one BBQ Charcoal product used in most countries. The brand has grown to be loved and adored by millions of people from industry professionals to pure BBQ enthusiasts.
Officially Number 1
2010 - 2016

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