About Firebrand®

We know charcoal. We love BBQ.


Who We Are

Firebrand® was born in 1995 out of a lifelong passion for charcoal cooking and BBQ!

Firebrand Australia is proudly 100% Australian family owned and operated and is the leading charcoal wholesaler, supplier and retailer in the country. Specializing in the manufacturing of our own signature Briquette Charcoal and Premium Natural Hardwood Charcoal, we have built our reputation on a consistent and premium quality product.

With the pioneering of Firebrand® Briquette Charcoal in Australia in 2006 under Firebrand Australia (formerly TSM Pacific International), our products have set a new benchmark in the hospitality industry. Firebrand® has become the most highly regarded and preferred choice of brand used in establishments across Australia.


The Firebrand Difference

It all started with a passion for BBQ!

The art of making charcoal dates back to when man first discovered fire. It had the effect of bringing people together to share a meal. Although practices have changed in the modern day, when done right it still has the same effect and you simply cannot replicate this experience. It draws on all your senses combined, sight, smell, touch, taste and allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones….this is what it’s all about. Call us crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sustainable and Ethical Products

Since 1995, Firebrand® fuel products have always been produced with the environment in mind.

All our products are made from pure raw material that is 100% sustainable. We only work with certified government endorsed sawmills who have the same ethical practices in place. Combine this with modern manufacturing processes and you end up with a product that has unparalleled performance.

Firebrand® fuel products have brought a level of consistency to the world market that was previously non existent.


New To Charcoal Cooking?

Never cooked on charcoal….not to worry! As long as you are willing to give it a try, we’re confident that you will love it and never look back.

There are many advantages of cooking over a natural wood product. Apart from the amazing smokey flavours, it is generally a healthier way to prepare your food. The best part is that the possibilities are simply limitless once you start experimenting with different cooking techniques and start mixing up proteins and flavour profiles.

Check out the helpful tips and tricks in our BBQ blog to get you started. Happy days.


Commercial Charcoal Cooking

Do you run a restaurant or catering business? Let us assist you with your fuel requirements and find the best product to suit your set up.

Since 2006, we have supplied hundreds of establishments around Australia and continue to be the leading fuel supplier to the professional sector today. We have a product to suit any application, whether it is high heat you are after or cooking low n slow and need a product to burn all day long.

Feel free to drop us a line and let us find a solution for you.


Our Commitment to You

We are now bringing this experience to your door along with a wide range of BBQ products from various cookers to accessories to complement our charcoal lines. With recipes, tips and tricks and advice from the pros, you too can now experience that authentic charcoal flavour in the comfort of your own home.

When shopping with us, rest assured that you are dealing with BBQ lovers that know what they are talking about. Shop with confidence and feel free to get in contact at [email protected]