We’re proud to be the fuel partner of hundreds of restaurants and food establishments across Australia. 


Our cooking wood is not just another fire wood used for heating and occasional cooking.

It has been ethically sourced and naturally seasoned over 10-15 years in it’s natural habitat.

Firebrand cooking wood will provide a cleaner burn, a higher more consistent heat with less ash. Ideal for indoor and outdoor commercial cooking set ups.

With our competitive wholesale pricing, it makes it the most cost effective, consistent performing commercial cooking wood on the market.  


Another quality addition to the Firebrand fuel family, our smoking woods have been ethically sourced from various fruit wood regions across NSW and QLD.

Perfect for adding a new element to commercial grilling menus, the smoking woods impart their own unique smokey flavour profiles to a variety of dishes.

Get creative and raise the bar! We have wood chips, chunks and logs in apple, cherry, plum and grape. Plus an exclusive range of American hickory in chunks only. 

Whether you are after 2kg or 200kg we are able to provide product to suit your needs and competitive wholesale prices. 

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firebrand RESTAURANT favourites 

Our unmistakable wood hex briquettes and 100% natural hardwood lump have been our flagship products for commercial cooking across Australia for over 10 years and still going strong. Much loved for their absolute consistency in burn time and temperature output, producing quality dishes day in day out + easing the cost burden of inferior products to businesses. 

Try the Firebrand fuel difference with some free samples and our competitive wholesale pricing package.