Frequently Asked Questions

Why shop with us?

Firebrand Australia has been at the forefront of charcoal and related products in Australia since 2006. In fact, our history can be traced back to 1995 in the manufacturing of charcoal products.

We are an Australian family owned and operated business and absolutely love what we do. We know charcoal and we love BBQ so rest assured you are dealing with passionate people who know what they are talking about.

Our pricing

All prices that appear on are inclusive of GST (10%) and are displayed as our regular low prices or applicable for the specified sale period only. We reserve the right to change prices (either increase or decrease) at our own discretion.

How do I shop online?

Shopping online has never been easier. Simply browse our website and ‘ADD TO CART’ any items you wish to purchase. You can also select the desired quantity, modify or delete items at your own discretion.

How can I view the items I have in my cart?

Simply select that little ‘Shopping Trolley’ icon that is always visible on the top right hand corner of every page or click the ‘VIEW CART’ tab which is also available as a drop down menu on the carts section. This will display any existing items you have chosen to place in your shopping trolley. The number of items you have selected in the cart will be reflected by a number next to the shopping trolley icon.

Checking out

Proceeding with a purchase can be achieved through clicking on the ‘CHECKOUT’ tab located in the shopping cart. If you are already in the ‘VIEW CART’ page then simply click on the ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’ tab.

Shipping and Delivery

Unless otherwise specified, all items will be subject to a delivery/shipping fee. This is external to the cost of the item/s selected and is a component that is charged by third party couriers and transport companies to safely deliver your new items. We have worked with numerous Aussie carriers to obtain the lowest possible rates for you.


We also have a 1 hour contactless ‘Click and Collect’ service for Sydney based customers. Purchases can be picked up from 9 Penny Place, Arndell Park 2148.

Cost of shipping my Items

Upon preceding to ‘CHECKOUT’ you will be provided with the most competitive shipping rate to the selected address. This fee is what the courier company charges and external to the product/s you have selected.

Can I track my order?

Yes, after we have dispatched your order, we will forward you a confirmation email with the relevant live tracking details.

If you haven’t received an email with tracking details, please contact our Customer Service on 1800 FIRE UP (1800 347 387) or email [email protected].

Do I receive a Tax Invoice for my purchase?

Yes, a copy will be emailed to the email address you have supplied. It is important to note that the Tax Invoice is your ‘Proof of Purchase’ so please keep a record of this in case you need to refer to it at a later date. All prices are inclusive of GST.

If you haven’t received a Tax Invoice via email, please contact Customer Service on 1800 FIRE UP (1800 347 387) or email [email protected]

How do I know if my order had been processed?

You will be shown a confirmation of your order once you have proceeded with ‘CHECKOUT’ and made payment. A message will appear confirming that your order was placed successfully. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address you supplied during checkout.

If you haven’t received an email confirmation and are unsure as to whether your order was completed successfully, please contact our Customer Service on 1800 FIRE UP (1800 347 387) or email [email protected].

Product assembly

All relevant products come with easy to follow assembly instructions. However, we are more than happy to assist with any questions you may have.

Is Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal Natural?

Yes. The processes involved with manufacturing Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal are entirely 100% natural. There are absolutely no additives or binding agents used throughout any stage of this process.

Do you cut trees to make Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal?

No. All of the raw material used in manufacturing Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal is sourced from a wide range of sawmills. This raw material was previously discarded of into landfills and forgotten about. We utilize this by turning all the unused by-products into a pure usable energy source, being Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal.

How long does Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal burn for?

In a controlled environment Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal can burn for more than 4-5 hours from initial lighting

In fact, with the right application method in your chosen cooker, you can prolong burning time way beyond 10 hours. 

What should I do with the remaining ash?

The ash residue from Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal is safe to use in garden/vegetable patches as a soil conditioner. This is a great way to fertilize any green or crops. Essentially it’s the philosophy of; what originates from the soil ends up returning to the soil. This is why Firebrand® is considered as the ultimate ‘enviro’ product.

Can Firebrand® Briquette BBQ Charcoal be used for Shisha, Nargile or Hookah?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, many people in countries throughout Europe and the Middle-East prefer Firebrand® for its neutral flavour characteristics which make it unique over other products. Firebrand® Briquette enables the individual to experience the tobacco and fruit tones in healthier way instead of the charcoal overpowering the experience. Alternatively, we also have a dedicated shisha range with our Firebrand® Coco Fingers and Cubes now available.

Further Information and Advice

We are here to assist you so feel free to get in touch. We can be contacted on 1800 FIRE UP (1800 347 387) during normal business hours (Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 2pm) or send us an email us at [email protected]