Firebrand Vintage QLD Ironbark – 15kg Double Split


Whether you want to fire up your Woodfire Pizza Oven or feed your Offset Smoker, our Premium Vintage Ironbark is the only cooking wood you’ll need.

A true vintage Ironbark provides an authentic yet robust smoke profile. We’re talking about that true smokehouse aroma which pairs well with any protein or veg. Our Ironbark produces a strong flame when burning in an open application (Charcoal Grill or Parilla) and a clean, long sustained burn in a semi-open environment (Offset Smoker or Pizza Oven). Once burned down, it will produce a dense coal base which is fantastic to grill over.

Sourced from Southern QLD and one of the only true DOUBLE-SPLIT vintage Ironbark cooking woods available. Have no doubt, this is without doubt the highest restaurant grade quality wood on the market and the choice of fuel by chefs and cooks around Australia in hundreds of our best establishments, catering set ups and competition BBQ teams.

Comes in a heavy duty 15kg bag – with built in convenient carry handle.


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