AVANTI Butchers Twine with Cutter 60m Red/White 40635


The Avanti Butchers Twine is ideal for a range of kitchen tasks. Made of natural rayon it is extremely strong and features a natural wax coating and can withstand high oven temperatures.

It is ideal for tying up cuts of meat, trussing the wings and legs of birds before cooking, fastening herbs or bacon to joints of meat as well as for securing parchment paper to dishes or ramekins for soufflés. For best results, leave the string in the packaging and use the cutter supplied on the card to prevent it unraveling and for tangle and knot-free dispensing.

  • 60m
  • 100% cotton
  • Oven-safe to 200°C
  • Includes cutter for tangle and knot-free dispensing
  • Red/white

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