Firebrand Rotisserie Hardwood Lump Charcoal 10kg


Do you love Lamb Gyros, Charcoal Chicken or Pork Belly? Then it’s time to smash your next spin with Firebrand Rotisserie Lump….a serious product at amazing value!

Produced from a dense, single origin citrus fruitwood and with a convenient all round screening size, we’ve got all your rotisserie and open grilling cook ups covered. Firebrand Rotisserie Lump is also versatile enough to use in most other applications, including low’n’slow cooking units such as gravity fed smokers, drums and kettle BBQ’s.

Get that authentic smokey charcoal flavour in your next cook up with this nonsense natural fuel that is ready to pump out some serious BBQ.

20kg bag also available

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