BBQ TIP: Perfect BBQ Thick-Cut Steak…Everytime!

Steak grilling over charcoal

It’s a thing of beauty… A perfectly BBQ’d thick-cut steak. But it can stump the best & bravest who tackle this on their own BBQ.

So we’ve found this excellent tip that uses the ‘Reverse Char’ method.

HOW: Create two heat zones on your Charcoal BBQ, a hot-spot with plenty of charcoal and a cool side (no charcoal).

Start by cooking your steak gently on the cooler side turning a couple of times. Once it is cooked to your liking (for medium–rare, press with the end of your tongs. It should have plenty of give and some juice escapes as you press) finish with a high-heat sear on the hot side of your grill. Guaranteed to develop a deeper, darker crust and a more juicier steak!!!

Sounds simple? It is…. But boy does it produce the goods every time!

steak grilling over charcoal
steak grilling over charcoal