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Cooking Over Fire: Master the Art of Choosing Wood

Just because it will be winter soon doesn’t mean our grilling days are over. For most barbie enthusiasts, the drop in temperature signals the start of the classic BBQ experience: cooking over fire. There’s nothing quite like the warmth and comfort an open flame brings, but mastering this art requires nailing the basics first – […]

Cooking with Firewood: 5 Things You Need to Know

Grilling over wood provides a different experience than cooking with charcoal. From the sweet aroma of woodsmoke that engages your senses to the cosy sight of flames licking the firepit and the melt-in-your-mouth flavours imparted to your meat, wood can be an essential and impactful ingredient. Used correctly, it delivers delicious flavours and aromas to […]

The Best Portable and Table Top Grills for Your Summer BBQ

Nothing says summer like busting out the grill and cooking over an open flame. Whether at home, campgrounds or the beach, bright sunshine and warm weather beckon us to head outdoors and have a fantastic cookout with the best companion: a portable grill. Portable grills are not only great for taking on outdoor adventures, but […]

Holiday Grilling Guide: A Complete Menu for Your Celebration!

The Christmas and end of the year holidays are the busiest times of the year, and each event deserves nothing less than a huge, festive spread. And with the celebrations happening during the peak of hot summer here in Australia, there’s nothing more perfect than some holiday grilling.  But while a Christmas barbie is more […]

Grill Into Spring! Fresh New Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Cook

After a long and dreary winter, it’s time to do yourself a solid and bask in some sunshine and fresh air on your weekend cookout. After all, with grilling season in full swing, it’s hard to beat dinners coming straight from the barbie. So light the charcoal, gather your BBQ essentials, and head outside. With […]

Add These To Your Cart! Best Firebrand Deals This Black Friday

Whether you’re a barbecue newbie, master or enthusiast, there’s no better time to stock up on your essentials than Black Friday. With massive discounts left and right, you can finally get that grill you’ve been eyeing, upgrade your equipment or splurge on that luxury item you’ve been dreaming of at a more affordable price tag. […]

It’s Grilling Season! 7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Spring BBQ

It’s Grilling Season! 7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Spring BBQ | Firebrand BBQ

Now that we’ve said goodbye to winter chill, it’s time to officially welcome grilling season! With the weather warm enough to hang out outdoors, we can now barbecue to our hearts’ content.  But before you bust out your grill, there are some things you need to keep in mind to ensure the perfect cookout. From […]

The Best Father’s Day Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

The Best Father’s Day Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads | Firebrand

There’s nothing like shiny new gear for the dad who loves outdoor adventures, especially when Spring – the quintessential season for grilling – and Father’s Day are just around the corner.  Don’t fret! We have the perfect tools and accessories sure to delight those who enjoy spending time outside, whether it’s a simple backyard barbie, […]

4 Ways To Cook on an Open Fire and the Best Food To Go With It

Cooking on an open fire is always exciting, and there’s no better time to light up that outdoor fire pit than on cold winter nights. The definition of open fire cooking is pretty self-explanatory: you use a variety of cooking methods for the outdoors over an open fire typically made using firewood.  With the right […]

Your Firebrand Fuel Cheat Sheet: All You Need To Know

When it comes to BBQ fuel, there’s no doubt Firebrand’s products are a cut above the rest. Since launching almost 2 decades ago, we’ve become a highly regarded brand most preferred by establishments, chefs, and expert grillers all over Australia. Attend a raging backyard party, and there’s a high chance Firebrand charcoal is lighting up […]

Know Your BBQ Fuel: How to Choose The Right One for Your Grill

The greatest pitmasters will tell you that the best BBQ fuel largely rests on individual preference. Some swear by hardwood lumps, while others prefer charcoal briquettes. Whatever your preferred fuel source, understanding the different types out there is a big part of mastering outdoor cooking. Some fuel types are more convenient and cost effective, while […]

BBQ Whole Fish

Fish on the barbie can be pretty intimidating! Will it stick? How do you flip it? Will the skin stay intact? What flavours do you use? So many questions that  make most of us mere mortals give up on the idea. So we asked one of our favourite home grillers Nadine, from @silkngrill to show […]

The Best BBQ Chicken Yeeros

Be transported to an idyllic Greek Island or at least to your favourite local Greek Yeeros Shop with this amazing home cooked BB Chicken Yeeros recipe. Thanks to Joel @jashes3 for another great recipe! BBQ SET UP The BBQ of choice is the Kamado Big Joe using a direct grill method with the Joetisserie. The […]

Quick BBQ San Choy Bao

We wanted something quick, something you could adjust easily to your taste and something delicious! Enter the Quick BBQ San Choy Bao by one of our favourite home BBQ cooks, @silkngrill A nice and easy cook with hardly any washing up, can a meal get any better!!! You can also add some extra chilli and […]

BBQ Pork with Cherries, Miso and Mustard

Pork with dried sour cherries makes a wonderful change from the usual apple sauce or gravy, add some miso and mustard and the flavours go through the roof. Perfect for the cooler or warmer months, just change up the sides to suit. BBQ SELECTION An enclosed grill, like a kettle, is perfect for this, as […]

Pomegranate Honey Chicken

Who doesn’t love a one pot wonder that’s so beautifully eye catching with the addition of fresh pomegranate. BBQ SELECTION Using a kettle makes easy work of this dish, you can let this go at a lower temperature or fasten the cook up with a higher one. FUEL SET UP  This indirect cook uses around […]

Peruvian-style Chicken with Aji Verde

Time to up your roast chicken game! The warm flavours of the chicken and the cooler flavours of the green sauce makes this a match made in BBQ heaven. BBQ SELECTION Using a rotisserie and adjustable rotisserie grill basket is ideal for this, whether it’s an open grill rotisserie or a kettle. But it’s also […]

Barbecue Prawns in Curry Sauce

A nice and easy dish that’s just at home in the cooler months as it is in the warmer ones. BBQ SELECTIONThis cook up requires an open grill that can hold skewers or straight on to a grill plate if you don’t have any. Being a quick cook, you can use a small BBQ if […]

Smoked Chicken Spanakopita Pot Pie

Smoked chicken is a great meal cheat for salads, pasta etc but here it’s used in a Spanakopita style pot pie. Brought to you by our guest blogger Nadine who is an awesome home cook. We know this will be a winner! BBQ SET UP A kettle grill with a lid is ideal for this, […]

BBQ Smash Burger

Who wouldn’t want to smash a Smash Burger! Learn from one of the best home barbecuers in Australia, how to make a classic and very tasty smash burger at home. Thanks Joel for your great recipe! BBQ SET UP Joel’s BBQ of choice is the Kamado Joe Classic III using a direct grill method and […]

Vietnamese Style BBQ Chicken

We love this dish as it’s quick and packed full of flavour so it’s a perfect mid-week, hump-day dinner on the Q! Our recipe contributor Nadine, says “I love this versatile marinade because it contains lime juice, the marinating time is kept nice and quick, great for those mid-week meals or lazy days!” We agree! […]

Asian Style Braised Short Ribs

This is a perfect meal for the cooler months; serve it with mashed potato for the ultimate comfort food, or noodles for something a little lighter, either way, the flavours are delicious! BBQ SET UP A kettle BBQ with a lid is great for this, if you have an open grill that’s ok too. For […]

Crispy Rotisserie BBQ Chicken

Charcoal Chicken is not only universally loved but the sense of accomplishment you get when you nail the perfectly cooked chook over charcoal at home is just the best feeling! We’ve asked one of our regulars, Richard from @theveganheartbreakkitchen who loves using Firebrand fuel to share his charcoal chicken recipe cause it’s a bloody ripper […]

The Ultimate BBQ Poppers

They’re the ultimate little pop of BBQ goodness! Many a BBQr has spent hours tryng to track down the best poppers! Well we’ve sourced one of the best recipes for you guys, by our mates and legends from #teamfiretribe BBQ competition team, Country Boys BBQ Australia. These will blow your taste buds and they’re so […]

BBQ Smoked Pulled Lamb Tacos

When the best of two foodie worlds collide, you get this recipe!  The succulence and flavours of a well smoked lamb shoulder, stuffed into a deliciously fresh homemade taco. Just YUM!   BBQ AND FUEL SET UP Any kind of smoker or kettle BBQ can be used where you can set up for an indirect grilling […]

BBQ Smoked Peach Tarte Tatin

BBQd desserts are gaining popularity and this one is an absolute cracker. With the classic flavour combination of peaches cream, but with a slightly smoky BBQ twist.  Follow our super easy step by step guide to make this at home, courtesy of qualified chef Ryan who is also a member of the award-winnig competition team […]

Backyard BBQ Brisket

THE RECIPE  List of ingredients Choose a nice marble brisket – This adds moisture but also tenderness to the finished product. Today we are using Mayura Station 9+ Wagyu brisket. For the rub we choose 7 Sins Beef Rub Seasoning and 7 Sins Wired Cow Rub Seasoning   Beef stock for the wrap A roll […]

How to BBQ Picanha

Ever tried cooking Picanha? If not, do this now! Picanha 101Also called: Top sirloin cap, rump cover or rump cap. This beef dish is famous in Portugal and Brazil and once you try it, you can see why. BBQ SET UP You’ll need a dedicated rotisserie, spit or attachment kit. We use a Weber Rotisserie […]

Steak Stuffed Smoked Capsicums

A delicious fusion of middle eastern-inspired stuffed capsicums using onions, mushrooms, barbecued scotch fillet steaks, topped with cheese. The dish is slowly woodsmoked over charcoal until tender and golden. The question is… can you stop at one! BBQ SET UP We’ve used the Napoleon Rodeo 57″ Kettle Charcoal BBQ for this cook which offers us […]

Rotisserie Rolled Lamb Shoulder by Firebrand

Spring is in the air and lamb is on the Rotisserie! Try our rolled lamb shoulder with fresh green herbs, garlic and lemon, rolled and chargrilled to perfection. Just delicious and perfect for a gathering. Start with your lamb shoulder, ask your butcher to debone for you. Ours worked out to be approx. 1.5kg each […]

Smoked Beef Ribs on The Beast

If you want to know how to make melt in your mouth beef ribs the Firebrand way, then read on! This is one of our favourite things to cook low n slow and there aren’t many people that wouldn’t have it in their top 3. First about the meat. Our beef short ribs are a […]

Can you use Hex Briquettes for the BBQ Minion Method? Hell yes!

We often get asked, can you use hex briquettes for a minion method fuel set up for your smoker? Hell yeah! Of course you can, and we’ll show you how, through our tried and tested way. If you love low n slow BBQ Smoking you would have heard of the minion method fuel set up […]

How to get next-level Pork Crackling using a BBQ!

Who else just loves beautiful pork crackling? It’s one of those divine eats that in theory seems simple but in actual fact can be tricky to master! So we’ve reached out to our #teamfiretribe who are master’s at Q to ask. We found the perfect person to help! Brother Mikey of The Shank Brothers BBQ […]

Lighting a Charcoal BBQ? Here’s how much fuel you really need.

Has this happened to you? You look at the beautiful cut of meat you’ve spent a small fortune on, you look at your charcoal BBQ with a little pride and a grumbling stomach, you then look down at your charcoal, scratch your head and repeat. It’s the question that challenges the best of us. How […]

BBQ Briquette Charcoal versus Hardwood Lump

We all love to barbecue but how many of us really know much about the fuel we’re using? Apart from doing your best to light it quickly and hope you’ve lit enough for the cook your about to do! Most people have heard of the main BBQ charcoal terms, briquettes and lump, but do you really […]

Why BBQ with a Kamado style grill?

The modern kamado-style grill is based on ancient technology dating back 3,000 years to original earthenware cooking vessels used in China. Eventually, it became known as a “kamado” which literally means “cooking range” or “stove” in Japanese. The modern day Kamado-style BBQ  These days Kamado’s are made from modern ceramics and refractory materials (similar to linings for furnaces, kilns, […]

How to BBQ Ribs like a Pro by The #RibKing

‘Aussie Rib King’ and ‘The Smoke Ring King’ are a just a couple of nicknames this man has deservedly acquired since smashing the BBQ Low’n’Slow Pork Rib Category (so far) in this year’s nationally sanctioned BBQ Competitions. Lukas Armstrong is from team Rollin Smoke BBQ and we invited him to give us his BBQ master-Jedi […]

Whole Lamb Shoulder Roast with Home Made Rub

Whole Lamb Shoulder Roast with Home Made Rub Are you ready to impress with this super-delicious feast! It’s a classic Low’n’Slow BBQ Recipe that anybody can try at home. INGREDIENTS: 1 whole bone-in lamb shoulder – ask your local butcher if not sure where to find. 6 garlic cloves, each piece chopped in half 1 […]

Chicken Beyti with Fresh Garden Herb


Chicken Beyti with Fresh Garden Herb A classic minced kebab dish developed in Istanbul in the 60’s but still a hit with all the family today! INGREDIENTS: 500 g extra lean ground chicken 1/2 garlic shallots, finely chopped 1/4 cup parsley, finely chopped 1/4 cup fresh mint, finely chopped 1 tbsp red pepper paste, sweet […]



Whatever you’re doing on Saturday March 5, stop doing it and get yourself to Crafted LIVE: BBQ’d – you won’t be disappointed! Sanctioned by the Australasian Barbecue Alliance (ABA) and presented by Firebrand Australia, Crafted LIVE: BBQ’d is a first for Central NSW and is sure to be both entertaining & educational. Teams will be “turning-in” […]



Yes you CAN get Chicken spare ribs, just ask your poultry guy if you’re not sure. They are tender little chicken pieces that have a single bone down the centre. They can be eaten all in one go, then just glide the bone right back out.  Delicious..! INGREDIENTS 12-15 Chicken Spare Ribs 2 tbls tomato […]