BBQ Smoked Peach Tarte Tatin

BBQd desserts are gaining popularity and this one is an absolute cracker. With the classic flavour combination of peaches cream, but with a slightly smoky BBQ twist. 

Follow our super easy step by step guide to make this at home, courtesy of qualified chef Ryan who is also a member of the award-winnig competition team sponsored by Firebrand, Rubbin the Fat BBQ. 


Prepare your smoker to reach an internal temp of of 180c/350f. A smoker that allows for a direct sear option is what is needed. Otherwise a kettle style charcoal BBQ will also work fine. 

Place the lit charcoal to one side to achieve 2 zone cooking or an indirect grilling set up. As a result, you’ll be able to control the heat needed in each step of the cooking method. 


Any of our Lump charcoal range will work well for this recipe, because it gives off a slight smokiness that will enhance the charred peach flavour but won’t be overbearing. 

The heat source from the Firebrand lump charcoal will be ample to reach the desired temperature for the recipe. 

Use a chimney charcoal starter with a few firelighters underneath to get your Firebrand lump charcoal white hot, before tipping into your BBQ. Usig achimney allows for easy lighting that is quick and even. 

Wait 5-10minutes to allow the charcoal to settle and the temperature to come down to the desired range. 

A BBQ thermometer is a handy bit of kit to ensure you get to the temp you need if you don’t have a reliable guage on the lid of your BBQ or smoker.


We used the Firebrand Charcoal Starter with a few firelighters underneath to get our briquettes white hot before pouring into our BBQ. 


5 Ripe Peaches cut into 6 wedges each
50g Softened Butter
50g Brown Sugar
1 Sheet Puff Pastry
Ice-Cream or cream to serve


Apply a thick layer of butter to a cast iron or oven-proof pan, sprinkle the brown sugar and arrange the peaches on the base. 
Apply a nice layer of Lanes Seasoning to the top of the peaches. 
Fold edges of the puff pastry over into a circle and pinch off. 
Lay pastry on top of peaches, folded edges down, and apply a thin coat of butter then a layer of Lane’s Seasoning.
Place pan in BBQ for about 5 minutes over direct heat to start the peaches cooking first, then move to indirect heat for a further 10 minutes or until pastry is crispy and golden and butter is bubbling around sides.
Allow to cool for a few minutes before turning out onto plate.
Serve with Ice-Cream or Cream and a generous sprinkle of Lane’s Chocolate Sea-Salt Caramel Seasoning

Blog contributed by Chef Ryan of Rubbin the Fat Competition BBQ team. Follow the team and their amazing BBQ adventures on Facebook and Instagram @rubbinthefatbbq 


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