BBQ Smash Burger

Who wouldn’t want to smash a Smash Burger! Learn from one of the best home barbecuers in Australia, how to make a classic and very tasty smash burger at home.

Thanks Joel for your great recipe!


Joel’s BBQ of choice is the Kamado Joe Classic III using a direct grill method and some grill grates. The high heat retained by the grill grates offers a perfect surface for creating a delicious smashburger crust.

Alternatively you could use any BBQ unit that allows for direct grilling and grillgrates for a kamado or a kettle BBQ.


Joel’s fuel set-up includes a half basket of Firebrand Professional Lump Charcoal.

To light the charcoal, simply place the end of the Looftlighter 3-4cm above the charcoal and heat until at least 1/3 of pile is smoldering (otherwise use your preferred method of lighting charcoal eg. chimney). Place the GrillGrates flat side up directly over the open flame and wait until they reach a high heat.


List of ingredients

–  Wagyu Beef Patties

– Greenwood Barbecue Texas Dirt.

(As an alternative, we’ve used Smokey Joes Texan Rub which was unreal!)

– Olive Oil

– Brioche Roll/Burger Buns

– Chopped White Onion

– Tomato

– Lettuce

– Pickles

– Ketchup & Mustard or Burger Sauce (For Burger Sauce mix equal parts Mayonnaise, Ketchup & Mustard with drizzle of pickle juice)


  1. Begin by filling half of the Kamado Joe Classic III charcoal basket with Firebrand Premium Lump Charcoal
  2. Use a Looftlighter, charcoal chimney or preferred method to light charcoal
  3. Return the Kamado Joe grates back to the top tier then sit the GrillGrates over the direct heat flat side up (the GrillGrates are optional, you can also use a cast iron cooking surface)
  4. While the grates are heating up to a high temperature (there is no specific temperature to aim for as the lid will remain open throughout the cook) you can prep your ingredients
  5. Roll Wagyu beef patties into approximately 120gm balls and season lightly with Greenwood Texas Dirt
  6. Slice tomatoes and pickles. Chop onion finely and have lettuce and high melt cheese ready
  7. Once the GrillGrates have reached a high heat lightly drizzle them with oil and place the patties on the grates
  8. Using either a spatula or burger press, press (smash) the patties into the grate surface until they’re flat (the flatter your make them – the better the crust!)
  9. When the underside is brown and has formed a nice crust it’s time to flip and repeat on the other side
  10. Once you have flipped the patties add your cheese to the patty (you can use a steel bowl to cover the patties to assist melting the cheese, or simply close the lid of the Kamado)
  11. While the second side of the patties are cooking place your buns on the grates to lightly brown them then load with Ketchup & Mustard (or Burger Sauce) and lettuce then place the cheesy patty on bun followed by tomato, onion, pickles and more sauce.
  12. Enjoy!

Blog contributed by Joel, an absolute legend home BBQr with a loyal following and many fans that just love his stuff. He has been a fan of using our Hardwood Lump for a long time now and we just love watching what he produces on his favourite Kamado.

Check out more of Joel’s cooks @jashes3