BBQ Whole Fish

Fish on the barbie can be pretty intimidating! Will it stick? How do you flip it? Will the skin stay intact? What flavours do you use? So many questions that  make most of us mere mortals give up on the idea. So we asked one of our favourite home grillers Nadine, from @silkngrill to show us how she perfects her whole BBQ fish. We were so impressed we wanted to share it with you all. So here it is folks, whole BBQ fish with coconut and red curry.


Any size BBQ with a lid will work well, depending on how many you are cooking for and the size of the fish. This recipe was for one fish so a smaller BBQ was used.


This indirect* cook uses a small amount of fuel lit by the ‘Fire It Up’ charcoal starter. Three firelighters under the chimney and your fuel will be ready in no time.

It’s a 20 minute cook so you won’t need a lot of Firerband charcoal. If you’re unsure how much to use, read our blog on how much fuel do you really need.

As this recipe is steaming in a foil parcel, you can use lump charcoal or briquettes.

.*indirect grilling is when you place lit charcoal to the sides of your grill and your food is placed over the part of the grill that has no lit charcoal directly underneath it. Cooking this way is done best with a lid on the grill to capture the heat to cook the food more eveny without burning it.


This dish is beautifully simple with all ingredients available from the supermarket or your fish monger, and no real measurements are needed. This is definitely a no-stress cook.

Ingredients for one fish

  • Whole red baby snapper (baby barramundi also works if the snapper is unavailable), allow one per person if they are small enough
  • Equal amounts of red curry paste and coconut milk powder to taste (generally one heaped tablespoon per fish)
  • 1 lime
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 spring onion


Make three to four deep slices on both sides of the fish and place on a piece of foil that will be used to wrap and seal the fish.

It’s best to use heavy duty foil that can wrap without teasing and thick to enable steaming.

Mix the red curry paste and coconut milk powder into a paste and rub into the fish, making sure you get it into the cuts.

Thinly slice half of the lime and either fold into the cuts, or just place under and on top of the fish. Top with sliced garlic and spring onion then it’s time to wrap the foil over the fish to make a well-sealed parcel.

Cook indirect for around 15-20 minutes and serve on rice with lime wedges.

Blog contributed by Nadine, home BBQr with a knack for awesome flavour combos and not afraid to try new things over charcoal! She has been a fan of using our Firerband`100% wood briquettes and lump charcoal for some time now and we just love watching what she produces on her collection of charcoal BBQ’s at home.

Check out more of Nadine’s cooks on her Instagram page @silkngrill