BBQ Essentials for Your Next Backyard Barbie

Fuel | Firebrand

Whatever the season, having a barbecue party with friends and family is an excellent way to enjoy great food and the best company. And while the star of every barbie is the food, you’ll also need a few essentials to make your cookout legendary. 

From grilling tools and fuel to marinades and rubs, here’s a stress-free checklist to help you organise the ultimate backyard feast.

Charcoal Grill

No cookout is complete without the grill. A charcoal grill is your best choice if you’re looking for that traditional smokiness. These come in various shapes and sizes, and if you’re catering for a large group, the Napoleon Rodeo PRO Kettle on Legs is perfect for any occasion. This heavy duty, versatile grilling machine comes with a porcelain enamelled steel body and steel charcoal grate to keep the lit coals off the bottom of your kettle and the stainless steel heat diffuser. Grill to your heart’s content, whether directly over hot coals for the perfect sear or slow and steady indirect grilling for fall of the bone ribs or roast. You can even add wood chips or chunks for a little extra smokiness!


Fuel | Firebrand

Charcoal is the go-to fuel of most barbies. Try Firebrand’s line of hardwood lump charcoal for a clean, consistent burn. Produced from super dense, single origin citrus hardwood, this type of fuel lights up quickly and can reach temperatures up to 400 °C, perfect for quick cooking, grilling, and smoking. You’ll also love the light, smokey flavour it imparts to your cooks without overpowering the rubs and spices.

If you have a fire pit, you can use firewood to infuse a special flavour into any recipe. The Firebrand Vintage Ironbark is properly dried, cleaned, and ethically sourced from its natural habitat. It comes double split for convenience, and the quality and density of the wood means you need less in your pits to cook with. It also produces an intense burning flame with a robust smokehouse aroma that pairs well with protein and vegetables.

Sauces & Marinades

Sauces & Marinades | Firebrand

The food you prepare will be the centre of attention, so impress guests with an awesome marinade that adds flavour and makes the meat more tender.

Additionally, proteins like chicken breast and pork loin have a higher chance of drying out on the grill, and a good marinade can help retain moisture while cooking. Try a classic tomato based sauce like the Three Little Pigs Competition BBQ Sauce or a popular marinade like Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wings Sauce.

Rubs & Seasonings

Sauces & Marinades | Firebrand

Apart from the marinade, you can also consider adding rubs and seasonings to your protein. This adds big flavour to your meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Dry rubs are generally the most versatile and are used for slow and low-heat barbecuing. Try the legendary Franklin Barbecue BBQ Spice Rub, which is perfect for almost anything. It’s all natural, vegan, and gluten free, with no preservatives, artificial colours, and artificial flavours! For something locally made, you can also try Butchers Axe seasoning, from the sweet Ranger that adds colour and character to your meat, the Lemon Pepper flavoured Scout for chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetables, to Hunter, a savoury rub that elevates lamb and game! 

Grilling Tools

Grilling tools won’t make you a BBQ master, but it sure will make cooking easier. Elevate your game with the necessary equipment, starting with this list.

BBQ Recipes

Not sure what to grill? Or perhaps you want to try something new. We’ve gathered some of the best and most delicious recipes from our fans and family for you to try. These are tried and true, and we’re sure you’ll find something that speaks to you. Just head to our Firebrand Blog here and check them all out! 

Now that you have your BBQ essentials, don’t forget the other items to complete your party. Catchy tunes, forms of entertainment like outdoor games, appetisers like guacamole and chips, and drinks.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! That’s the secret to a legendary cookout.