The Best Father’s Day Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

The Best Father’s Day Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads | Firebrand

There’s nothing like shiny new gear for the dad who loves outdoor adventures, especially when Spring – the quintessential season for grilling – and Father’s Day are just around the corner. 

Don’t fret! We have the perfect tools and accessories sure to delight those who enjoy spending time outside, whether it’s a simple backyard barbie, a day hike through the woods, or a weekend campaign trip with his bros.

Avanti Beer House Bottle Opener with Jar Cap Catcher

Avanti Beer House Bottle opener with Jar Cap Catcher | Firebrand

Make dad the centre of attention at any backyard barbie with this fun bottle opener! Bottled beers and drinks are no match for the Avanti Beer House Bottle opener with Jar Cap Catcher – just pop a bottle open, and the cap will automatically drop into the jar. The clear mason jar can hold the bottle caps until you’re ready to dispose of them. It’s also easy to hang in BBQ areas, man caves, and more! Buy it here for $18.95

Meater Plus

MEATER Plus with Bluetooth Repeater | Firebrand

Help him get the perfect cook, every time. The MEATER Plus is a wireless smart meat thermometer with a built in Bluetooth repeater so he can look over the food up to 165 feet away. The dual temperature sensors can monitor internal meat temperature and ambient temperature. It comes with a guided cook system that walks him through every step of the process to get consistent results, with an advanced estimator algorithm that helps estimate how long to cook and rest the food. The best part? You’ll benefit from this gift and enjoy restaurant-quality meals, too! Buy it here for $199.

Artisan Knife Bundle by Z Grills

Artisan Knife Bundle by Z Grills | Firebrand

If dad’s a BBQ master, he’ll appreciate the beauty and functionality of these knives: a 12” brisket knife, 8” boning knife, 5” boning knife with a rubberised grip, 8” chef’s knife and a 12” ultra fine cut sharpening tool. Each one is made from high quality X50CrMoV15 stainless steel with a large steel inner handle for strength and balanced weight. Wrapped beautifully in a waxed canvas roll with oiled leather pockets and straps, this aesthetic gift is a great conversation starter. He’s sure to impress everyone once he takes these babies out! Buy it here for $179.95.

Looft Lighter II

Looft Lighter II – Supercharged Electric Firestarter | Firebrand

Dad never has to struggle to get a fire going ever again with the Looft Lighter II. It’s environment friendly as it starts the fire with superheated air – no flame, gas, or toxic chemicals produced. It’s the safest, most efficient, and quickest way to ignite charcoal, briquettes and wood! Perfect for your backyard charcoal grill, wood fired pizza oven, smoker and fire pit! Buy it here for $219.95.

Napoleon Portable Charcoal Kettle BBQ

Napoleon PORTABLE CHARCOAL KETTLE BBQ – 14 inch (35cm) | Firebrand

Spring is the perfect weather for grilling, so let dad take advantage of the outdoors with a compact and portable charcoal grill he can easily take wherever the action is! Whether in the backyard, beach or out camping, the Napoleon Kettle BBQ is effortless to assemble, with locking latches and a carry handle for quick cleanups!

Grilling, roasting and smoking with this Napoleon is a breeze! The 14 inch chrome plated charcoal cooking grids allow fast and easy direct and indirect cooking, making it ideal for your steaks, lamb chops, chicken wings and more. Pair with Firebrand Premium Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal or Premium Briquette Charcoal for the perfect, clean burn! Buy it here for $109.95.

Ezy Q Mild Steel Fire Pit

Ezy Q MILD STEEL Fire Pit + Grill + Canvas Bag ‘BUNDLE’ | Firebrand

Upgrade dad’s camping gear with an all in one unit he can take on weekend trips. The Ezy Q Mild Steel fire pit is easy to store, transport, and carry, plus you can assemble it in seconds! No bolts, brackets, or tools required. It comes with a grill and hotplate combo, and pot and pan supports for camping ovens. After use, fold it flat and store it inside the durable, heavy duty canvas carry bag. Buy it here for $255.

Firebrand Gift Card

Gift Cards | Firebrand

Still can’t decide how best to say “Happy Father’s Day”? We’ll make it even easier with the best present! Purchase a Firebrand Gift Card, and let him pick his own gift! Valid for up to 3 years, this can be used in store at Sydney’s BBQ Mecca or online. Guaranteed to make all outdoorsy dads happy! Buy it here for $20 to $500.

Looking to impress pop with a Father’s Day feast? Check out our Firebrand blog here and find mouthwatering BBQ recipes you can whip up for your Sunday barbie!