Add These To Your Cart! Best Firebrand Deals This Black Friday

Whether you’re a barbecue newbie, master or enthusiast, there’s no better time to stock up on your essentials than Black Friday. With massive discounts left and right, you can finally get that grill you’ve been eyeing, upgrade your equipment or splurge on that luxury item you’ve been dreaming of at a more affordable price tag.

And you don’t need to wait for Black Friday’s official date – 24 November – to score a deal. Starting Monday, 20 November, Firebrand will have a week long sale online, in store and on click and collect purchases, with all products discounted at 25% off! 

Read on for the products on sale and take advantage of these awesome price drops!

ALL Fuel at 25% Off


Fire up your grilling game and stock up on Firebrand fuel. From briquette, lump and coco charcoal to ironbark, now’s a great time to buy in bulk! Our natural, chemical free products ensure a clean cook, burning hotter and longer than anything else on the market. And if you’re looking to add that unique, smokey flavours to your protein, don’t miss out on our smoking woods and wood pellets


ALL Charcoal Grills and Rotisseries at 25% Off

Make like a pitmaster and invest in your dream charcoal grill and rotisserie! Choose from our range of rugged and high performance beasts, like our Firebrand SKEWER-Q® PRO and Firebrand Rotisserie Grill MAXI or Oaklahoma Joe’s Judge Charcoal Grill, Primo Oval X-Large All-in-One Cart and the Hellrazr Yama. Whatever you choose, we’re slashing 25% off the original prices so you can make your cookouts legendary!


ALL Smokers at 25% OFF

For fans of low and slow BBQ, now is your chance to grab a high quality smoker! Enhance the flavours and textures of your food and get fork tender meat. Try Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco PRO Drum Smoker, Hamrforge Double Barrel Smoker Grill and more. You can even make your own wood fired pizza oven with the Ooni FYRA 12!  


ALL Pantry at 25% off


Make sure you’re always BBQ ready by stocking up on pantry essentials! From rubs and seasonings and sauces and marinades to ready to eat goods, we’ve got everything you need to elevate your next cook. Choose from the best brands from Australia and overseas to make your barbies unforgettable!


ALL Accessories at 25% Off

Apart from serving mouthwatering food from your grill, you’ll still need a few tools to serve the ultimate feast. Make cooking easier with accessories like the Fire Slap BBQ Instant Read Digital Thermometer, Firebrand Fire IT Up Charcoal Starter, Napoleon Professional Cast Iron Skillet, Tramontina 10 Inch Carving Knife, and more!

Visit our website here or Sydney’s BBQ Mecca at 9 Penny Place Arndell Park to see our full range of products. Our Black Friday Sale runs from Monday, 20 November to Sunday, 26 November. Don’t miss this chance to get all your barbecue needs at low, low prices! 

Want to know the essentials you need to have for your next backyard barbie? Check out our list here and visit our blog for more tips and recipes!