How to BBQ Picanha

Ever tried cooking Picanha? If not, do this now!

Picanha 101
Also called: Top sirloin cap, rump cover or rump cap. This beef dish is famous in Portugal and Brazil and once you try it, you can see why.


You’ll need a dedicated rotisserie, spit or attachment kit. We use a Weber Rotisserie attachment for our charcoal kettle or our Firebrand Rotisserie Grill.


For this recipe, you’ll want a hot heat source and we use Firebrand briquettes broken down into smaller sections to promote a fast-burning hot fire. Fill 2 x Kettle baskets with hot coals and place on either side of a metal tray to collect juices

We used the Firebrand Charcoal Starter with a few firelighters underneath to get our briquettes white hot before pouring into our BBQ. 

Set up if using a kettle style BBQ or smoker, with tray to catch drippings. 


1 x rump cap from your butcher. 

Your favourite beef rub.

We love Hardcore Carnivore Black and Elk Creek AP

Cherry wood chunks.

Salads and sides

Cut your Picanha into thick strips against the grain. 

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