The Ultimate BBQ Poppers

They’re the ultimate little pop of BBQ goodness! Many a BBQr has spent hours tryng to track down the best poppers! Well we’ve sourced one of the best recipes for you guys, by our mates and legends from #teamfiretribe BBQ competition team, Country Boys BBQ Australia. These will blow your taste buds and they’re so much fun to make!  


This recipe works great in a good ole’ kettle BBQ with a lid. You can of course use any other type of smoker if you have one.

You will need an indirect grilling set up to allow you to smoke the poppers away from the lit charcoal rather than grill them directly over the coals.


For this recipe, the boys have opted to go with the Firebrand Premium Lump Charcoal which will add a mild smokiness to the poppers without overpowering the other flavour combos. 

The fuel will give you a clean consistent heat, it’s made from 100% hardwood and will burn clean and long. 

Light your lump charcoal (a chimney is a quick and easy way) and either fill baskets or use a Kettle Kone for extra heat to get crispy bacon.

Arrange the coal to one side or in the middle of the grill to leave you enough room to arrange the poppers around the charcoal or off to the side but not directly over the top. 

The boys have used the kettle cone here with a lending hand from a lighting torch to get the lump white hot and ready to roll quickly.  



12 peppers (jalapeno or baby capsicum approximately 10cm long)

*If you don’t want the heat go the capsicums, but if you like a firey jalapeno, these will blow your mind!

1 block cream cheese
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1 chorizo sausage or salami
2 table spoons of your favourite BBQ rub
 24 streaky bacon or prosciutto. 


Cut the peppers in half lengthwise and use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and ribs. 
In a medium bowl mix together the cream cheese, Sour cream, cheddar cheese and favourite BBQ rub. 
Cut chorizo into half and then into segments.
Fill each jalapeno half with the cheese mixture.
Place chorizo sausage on top of mixture. 
Cut the slices of bacon/Prosciutto in half crosswise and wrap each pepper half in a slice of bacon. No need for toothpicks.
Add a little more BBQ rub to the poppers when you’ve completed the bacon wrapping.
Arrange the peppers on the grill where the coals aren’t i.e. indirect set up and put the lid on. You want vents open on the lid and vents open under the kettle for airflow. 
Tip: For an even cook, turn the lid every 5mins 90degress.
Check after 20-25 minutes or until bacon is crispy and browned. Serve immediately.



Blog contributed by Country Boys BBQ Australia. Follow the boys and their amazing BBQ adventures @countryboysbbqaustralia


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