The Best Portable and Table Top Grills for Your Summer BBQ

Nothing says summer like busting out the grill and cooking over an open flame. Whether at home, campgrounds or the beach, bright sunshine and warm weather beckon us to head outdoors and have a fantastic cookout with the best companion: a portable grill.

Portable grills are not only great for taking on outdoor adventures, but they’re also ideal if you don’t have the space or budget for a full size grill. 

If you’re looking for a new portable grill this season, here are some of the best options to have more awesome barbies this 2024!

Firebrand SHICHIRIN Japanese Grill



Don’t be fooled by this sexy little thing – this compact and robust grill can be taken anywhere and can cook for up to 6 people at a time. Each Shichirin is cast by hand, made with a solid steel frame and baked to 1200 degrees Celsius in traditional Japanese kilns to withstand high temperature grilling. The 2 air vents come with closable levers to control air intake into the firebowl and the weaved design ensures high performance cooking with minimal food contact during grilling. Cook anything from large tomahawk steaks to whole fish or skewer, or experience a Korean or Japanese BBQ at the beach or at home! Buy it here for $299. 

Napoleon Portable Charcoal Kettle BBQ



If you want bang for your buck, this compact kettle provides a traditional charcoal grill in a handy size, so you can grill up wherever the action is. The cooking grids allow for fast and easy direct or indirect cooking, so you can easily grill, roast and smoke your meats. Adjustable air vents provide optimal air control and the cool touch handle means your hands are away from the heat while grilling. Plus, with its locking latches and easy carry design, it’s easy to assemble and pack away! Buy it here for $109.95.

Hellrazr INCINERATOR Chimney Starter and Portable Charcoal Grill



This beast is more than just a chimney starter – it can quickly convert into a high quality portable camping stove or grill, thanks to its carbon steel top grate. Designed for hardcore BBQ masters, this heavy duty incinerator lights up quickly and can hold up to 10 lbs of charcoal or briquettes. Take portable grilling to another level and conquer the great outdoors. Buy it here for $249.

Charmate Collapsible BBQ and Fire Pit



Heading to the campgrounds or going on a hike? This super versatile, collapsible grill can be your best buddy. It’s made with a 201 stainless steel body for lightweight durability adn the flat pack design makes set up and pack down a breeze. It even comes with a handy bag so you can store it in the car. Use it as a BBQ or firepit with the grill inserted and burn wood or charcoal according to your preference. Buy it here for $149.

Hellrazr YAMA Portable Charcoal Grill



Want the power of a full size grill but have limited outdoor space? The Yama portable charcoal grill has everything you need in a smaller package – skewers, adjustable grids, smoke deflectors, a griddle and more. It features 5 different grilling height positions, so you can find the perfect heat adjustment. It also has room for extra grates, a side door that allows the unit to be fed in smoker mode without opening the cover and 9 stainless steel skewers (and room for 10 more!) for big celebrations. Prep juicy burgers or do low ‘n slow smoking with your favourite meats using indirect heat. Don’t worry about cooking up a storm – the Yama can handle it. Buy it here for $1,199.

Ooni FYRA 12 Portable Woodfired Pellet Outdoor Pizza Oven



Pizza party anytime, anywhere? It’s possible with the Ooni Fyra, an ultra portable pizza oven at just 10kg. Made with durable, insulated and powder coated carbon steel shell, it delivers a world class, wood fired cooking experience with wood pellets or charcoal. Get perfectly stone baked pizzas in as little as 60 seconds, or enjoy ready to cook meat, fish and vegetables in a flash! A great addition to your backyard or wherever you want to cook. Buy the woodfired pellet version here for $549 or the charcoal version here for $1,499.

Now that you have your grill, you’ll also need an arsenal of accessories for a smooth, outdoor barbie. Read on for our must haves!

Firebrand Premium Briquette BBQ Charcoal



Start with the Firebrand Picnic Pack Fuel – a compact and portable box that you can quickly throw in the car boot to take with you on the road. These are suitable for all types of BBQs and smokers, and can be used for grilling, smoking and rotisseries. Produced only from 100% natural hardwood, expect a long lasting, high performance burn with intense heat. Buy it here for $16.50.

Firebrand Stainless Steel Fire IT Up Charcoal Starter



Get cooking in no time with a charcoal starter. The unique design allows charcoal to light quickly and the large capacity means you can place up to 3kg of briquettes or lump charcoal at a time. An essential that should be in every barbecuer’s tool kit! Buy it here for $59.95.

Firebrand Firelighters 24 Cube Packet



A companion to your charcoal starter, these little firelighter cubes pack a punch, instantly lighting and burning for 11 to 13 minutes to ensure your briquettes or lump charcoal are all fired up. Buy it here for $5.50.

Firebrand FOIL TRAYS 2960ml 10 Pack – Premium Quality



A must have accessory for every backyard cook! These heavy duty foil trays are deeper than most options out on the market so you can put more of the good stuff inside. Prep, store, bake, roast and more – with so many uses, you’ll find yourself reaching for these at every cookout. Buy it here for $9.95.

Firebrand Foodservice Foil 75m – Premium Quality



Our famous heavy duty foil is great for cooking various meals during low ‘n slow cooks or on an open fire with minimal cleanup. You can even serve it straight from the pack, keep your food wrapped and warm or use it to store leftovers so you don’t create additional waste! Perfect for camping and weekend road trips. Buy it here for $34.95

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to make the most out of summer and plan the ultimate bbq. Looking for recipes and grilling tips? Check out our blog or sign up for our newsletter for more BBQ guides!