Holiday Grilling Guide: A Complete Menu for Your Celebration!

The Christmas and end of the year holidays are the busiest times of the year, and each event deserves nothing less than a huge, festive spread. And with the celebrations happening during the peak of hot summer here in Australia, there’s nothing more perfect than some holiday grilling. 

But while a Christmas barbie is more casual than a formal sit down dinner, it can easily be as stressful. Don’t fret – proper prep is the key to keeping your workload light on the day. If you can, make at least a portion of the dish a day or two in advance to ease your load.

Looking for holiday recipes? Here are some of our suggestions so you can quickly complete your menu for your barbie!

Main Course – Whole BBQ Turkey

A classic dish with a twist. If you’ve never barbecued a whole turkey before, this is guaranteed to change the game – cooking is relatively quick and easy, and the meat is bursting with flavour! 

Barbecued turkey is succulent with a beautifully golden, crispy skin. The secret is brining the bird overnight to ensure the meat is gamey and juicy. Ready to get cooking? Click here for our recipe! 

Main Course – Smoked Beef Ribs

If you’re looking for a less traditional dish, this summer favourite can be the perfect alternative Christmas meal. Tender, juicy and melt in your mouth, this is a low ‘n slow cook you won’t regret making. Click here for our recipe! 

Tip: To make mouthwatering smoked beef ribs, try seasoning the ribs the night before smoking. Then, they can go into the smoker straight from the fridge and be done by lunch! But if you have the time, you can do an early prep in the morning – unlike other cuts, these don’t need to be smoked overnight. 

Side Dish – Barbecue Prawns in Curry Sauce

Want to add some seafood treats to your menu? These grilled prawns can be prepped in a jiffy! It’s a sure crowd pleaser, and because it takes no time to cook, you can even encourage your family to grill their own so you can spend time finishing your other dishes. 

Once done, you can take the shrimp off the skewers and serve with the curry sauce. Your family and guests can eat it as an appetiser, as a side dish, or even on top of rice – yum! Click here for our recipe!

Side Dish – Jalapeno BBQ Poppers

Fiery, tangy and cheesy – these ultimate BBQ poppers make excellent appetisers or as a side dish for your spread. They’re the ideal bite, and the smokey flavour makes it a standout. Click here for our recipe!

Side Dish – Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Fresh, colourful and packed with flavour – these vegetable skewers are the ideal healthy side dish for your Christmas meal! Plus, they’re super easy to whip up – just thread some chopped veggies on a skewer, brush them with olive oil and cook directly on the grill! 

Once beautifully charred, take them off the grill, drizzle them with pomegranate molasses and serve! You can choose whatever vegetables you want, but some of the best veggies for grilling include okra, corn, zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers. Click here to watch our recipe!

Dessert – BBQ Smoked Peach Tarte Tatin

Not only is this the perfect summer treat, but it’s also the best way to end your Christmas indulging on a sweet note. Crisp puff pastry, rich caramel and peaches oozing with syrup, with a slightly smokey BBQ twist! It’s a decadent creation that will make any spread extra special. Click here for our recipe!

With your Christmas menu complete, all you have to do now is enjoy your celebration. Relax, dig in, and bask in the company of your favourite people. After all, it’s the season of warmth and love! 

Whether it’s a summer barbie or a holiday feast, we have the tastiest grilling recipes to make any occasion memorable. Check out our blog for more tips and mouthwatering dishes!