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Cooking Over Fire: Master the Art of Choosing Wood

Just because it will be winter soon doesn’t mean our grilling days are over. For most barbie enthusiasts, the drop in temperature signals the start of the classic BBQ experience: cooking over fire. There’s nothing quite like the warmth and comfort an open flame brings, but mastering this art requires nailing the basics first – […]

Cooking with Firewood: 5 Things You Need to Know

Grilling over wood provides a different experience than cooking with charcoal. From the sweet aroma of woodsmoke that engages your senses to the cosy sight of flames licking the firepit and the melt-in-your-mouth flavours imparted to your meat, wood can be an essential and impactful ingredient. Used correctly, it delivers delicious flavours and aromas to […]

The Best Portable and Table Top Grills for Your Summer BBQ

Nothing says summer like busting out the grill and cooking over an open flame. Whether at home, campgrounds or the beach, bright sunshine and warm weather beckon us to head outdoors and have a fantastic cookout with the best companion: a portable grill. Portable grills are not only great for taking on outdoor adventures, but […]

Holiday Grilling Guide: A Complete Menu for Your Celebration!

The Christmas and end of the year holidays are the busiest times of the year, and each event deserves nothing less than a huge, festive spread. And with the celebrations happening during the peak of hot summer here in Australia, there’s nothing more perfect than some holiday grilling.  But while a Christmas barbie is more […]

Grill Into Spring! Fresh New Recipes for Your Next Outdoor Cook

After a long and dreary winter, it’s time to do yourself a solid and bask in some sunshine and fresh air on your weekend cookout. After all, with grilling season in full swing, it’s hard to beat dinners coming straight from the barbie. So light the charcoal, gather your BBQ essentials, and head outside. With […]

Add These To Your Cart! Best Firebrand Deals This Black Friday

Whether you’re a barbecue newbie, master or enthusiast, there’s no better time to stock up on your essentials than Black Friday. With massive discounts left and right, you can finally get that grill you’ve been eyeing, upgrade your equipment or splurge on that luxury item you’ve been dreaming of at a more affordable price tag. […]

It’s Grilling Season! 7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Spring BBQ

It’s Grilling Season! 7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Spring BBQ | Firebrand BBQ

Now that we’ve said goodbye to winter chill, it’s time to officially welcome grilling season! With the weather warm enough to hang out outdoors, we can now barbecue to our hearts’ content.  But before you bust out your grill, there are some things you need to keep in mind to ensure the perfect cookout. From […]

The Best Father’s Day Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

The Best Father’s Day Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads | Firebrand

There’s nothing like shiny new gear for the dad who loves outdoor adventures, especially when Spring – the quintessential season for grilling – and Father’s Day are just around the corner.  Don’t fret! We have the perfect tools and accessories sure to delight those who enjoy spending time outside, whether it’s a simple backyard barbie, […]

4 Ways To Cook on an Open Fire and the Best Food To Go With It

Cooking on an open fire is always exciting, and there’s no better time to light up that outdoor fire pit than on cold winter nights. The definition of open fire cooking is pretty self-explanatory: you use a variety of cooking methods for the outdoors over an open fire typically made using firewood.  With the right […]

Your Firebrand Fuel Cheat Sheet: All You Need To Know

When it comes to BBQ fuel, there’s no doubt Firebrand’s products are a cut above the rest. Since launching almost 2 decades ago, we’ve become a highly regarded brand most preferred by establishments, chefs, and expert grillers all over Australia. Attend a raging backyard party, and there’s a high chance Firebrand charcoal is lighting up […]

Know Your BBQ Fuel: How to Choose The Right One for Your Grill

The greatest pitmasters will tell you that the best BBQ fuel largely rests on individual preference. Some swear by hardwood lumps, while others prefer charcoal briquettes. Whatever your preferred fuel source, understanding the different types out there is a big part of mastering outdoor cooking. Some fuel types are more convenient and cost effective, while […]